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Spring Art Gourmet Festival on Palm Sunday

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Spring Art Gourmet Festival on Palm Sunday


Dear friends,

It is with great pleasure that I extend an invitation to you for an extraordinary event - the Spring Art Gourmet Festival at the "Rosslyn" hall of the Rosslyn Central Park Hotel! This unique experience is dedicated to the art on natural silk and features the participation of incredible artists. Among them is myself, Desislava Shtebetovska, showcasing my hand-painted accessories and paintings on natural silk.

Silken beauty and spring elegance

The event will take place on PALM SUNDAY, a symbol of rebirth and beauty. It will fill you with inspiration and beautiful experiences. On this special day, we will delight our senses with incredible colors and awaken our souls with a sense of renewal and captivating elegance, echoing throughout the biblical story of Christ's entry into Jerusalem. I promise you not only a visual but also a sensory journey, full of silken beauty that will transport you into the world of art.

Super promotion -35% for Palm Sunday

Don't miss the unique opportunity to acquire stylish and original art pieces with a 35% discount! The promotion will be valid only during the event and for online orders through the contact form on my website.

How to take advantage of the promotion:

  • Attend the event at the "Rosslyn" hall on Palm Sunday
  • Place an online order through the contact form on

The promotion applies to personal orders received both during the event and online through the contact form on my website.

It also extends to any out-of-stock items for which you place an order through the product page on the website or in person during the event. Creating for you brings me immense joy!

Art by Desislava Shtebetovska:

Art is poetry that can be touched and felt. I recreate the aesthetics of femininity, reviving the ethereal delicacy and style of a woman in her most beautiful essence!

Admission: Free

Special thanks to Mediterranean Gourmet Catalog for the invitation. Looking forward to seeing you at the festival!

Best regards,

Desislava Shtebetovska

Event Review

When the passion for art on natural silk meets gourmet culture, a magical symphony of beauty and taste ensues. Thank you, Mediterranean Gourmet Catalog, for the invitation! I had the opportunity to meet and be among wonderful people who are creators in their essence - representatives of gourmet culture, artists crafting true masterpieces with their hands and souls, exquisite magnificent artisans, beautiful producers of pure products, luxurious interior textile decorations, producers of remarkable white and red wines, of chocolate temptations from high-quality cocoa, fabulous ice cream, florists creating fragrant beauty, and more, and more...

Rosslyn Central Park Hotel Sofia was exceptionally cozy and chic, and to the hosts, I wish continued success, much inspiration, and passion for always moving forward. You are wonderful!

Best regards,
Desislava Shtebetovska

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