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Author's hand-painted natural silk accessories

Hand-painted natural silk accessories with a unique author's design!

If for some reason the specific product you want is not available, do not hesitate to write or call me on +359 87777 05 08. I will draw a new one especially for you, respecting your individual taste and preferences. And each new accessory will be unique, different from any other before it. It is possible to have new shapes and details, and colors to be brighter or softer according to your wishes.

Please note that since everything is hand painted and creative, the shells and other accessories may have slight deviations - between 10% and 25% - from the image you see. This is because I often paint directly onto the white silk without making preliminary sketches of my designs. The creative process happens in motion. I'm leaving somewhere. For example, from a sea. As I paint, everything appears - the seagulls, the sky, the fish and the seabed, the coral, the seaweed and the sun's rays come through.

The creative process ensures that each accessory is unique and one-of-a-kind, each scarf is a work of art!

Thank you for choosing me, and welcome to the world of unique silk beauty!

If you would like to order a product that is not currently available, please feel free to send us an inquiry via the ✉️ SEND A REQUEST button on the product page.