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The best silk pillowcases

Posted by System 25/05/2020 0 Comment(s) Useful,

Handmade from 100% high quality luxury natural silk satin. Hand painted by me for you with a unique design. These luxury grade silk pillow encasements are very smooth and soft.

50 cm x 66-70 cm fits most size pillows, Both Sides

Hand wash in cold water with soft soap. Hang to dry. Iron at low settings recommended. Do not bleach.

Unlike cotton—which sucks moisture away from your skin, exaggerating wrinkles and fine lines—silk doesn't absorb moisture at all, leaving you looking fresh-faced when you wake up in the morning. The cotton pillowcases can tug at your face and causing sleep lines to appear on it. Some experts also believe that because silk is entirely natural and comes from an animal, it's more compatible with our skin than other fabrics.

Silk's natural protein fibers protect the skin and hair preventing wrinkles and split ends, dermatologists recommend silk pillowcases for hair and facial; prevent hair from becoming knotted and keeping beautifully styled throughout the night.


Get beauty sleep by laying your head on silk pillowcase made with pure silk satin, known for preventing hair tangling, facial lines or creases, and maintaining an ageless skin. My pillowcases are comfortable, skin-friendly, and ultra-soft. The natural smoothness of mulberry silk prevents static electricity and reduces friction. Enjoy a pleasant night with our pillowcases.


If you’re looking for a new gift idea for yourself or your family or friends, this is the right choice for you. My product is a perfect gift, packaged in gift elegant wrapping.

Silk is a symbol of love and noble, elegance. 

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