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Hair and natural satin silk

Posted by System 25/04/2020 0 Comment(s) Useful,

Did you know that natural silk contains 18 amino acids and Sericin protein, which have an extremely positive effect on hair and skin?

Natural satin silk Hairband that I paint for you glide gently on the hair, do not tear it, do not electrify the hair. This is a luxurious experience that every woman deserves.


What Are The Benefits Of Natural Hair Silk?

  • Elasticity - the hair is soft, does not break and weave;
  • Hypoallegia - dust mites do not live in silk. As you know, mites cause asthma, runny nose, conjunctivitis and other dermatitis;
  • Antiseptic action - natural silk does not retain sebum and dead skin bumps, which can cause problems like inflammation and pimples;
  • Hydration - natural silk helps to naturally moisturize your skin, scalp and your hair are protected;

Designer hair bands

Give yourself a luxury experience with beautiful, elegant and feminine hand-painted hair bands! One gorgeous accessory for every season with care for your hair!

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