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We paint on natural silk in the heart of the Rila Mountain on Enyovden

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An unforgettable adventure awaits on Enyovden, combined with painting on natural silk in the heart of the Rila Mountain!

Here are the details of the event: 

When: June 23-25, 2023

Price: 180 Bulgarian Lev

The price includes: 

Two nights' stay at "The Farmland House Gutsal" guesthouse in the village of Gutsal. 

Light breakfast and meals during our stay. 

Materials (silk, paints, and others) to create your silk painting with dimensions of 65x65 cm.

Regarding transportation: 

Gutsal village is located 89 km from Sofia. We can organize ourselves and travel in 3-4 cars, which will reduce transportation costs.

The program includes:

- Welcoming the sunrise together.

- Engaging in sun exercises.

- Exploring the beautiful nature of the Rila Mountain.

- Collecting herbs and spices.

- Enjoying delicious light food.

- Engaging in uplifting conversations and having fun!

- And if there is time, we will bake bread together.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of Enyovden and unleash your creativity through silk painting in the picturesque village of Gutsal.


In the spirit of Enyovden, we will indulge in painting on natural silk. Painting on silk is an ancient art practiced in various cultures around the world. Silk is a natural material that offers an exceptionally smooth, delicate, and yet durable surface, perfect for painting. This art form is known for its fine details and vibrant colors.

It is a creative endeavor that allows us to express our imagination and creativity. With the dimensions of a silk square (65x65 cm), we will create unique and beautiful artworks that will always remind us of this unforgettable experience whenever we wear our hand-painted silk scarves!

The freedom of expression will enable us to create distinctive and individual pieces of art. We will enjoy the process of painting, combining our imagination with the beauty of silk.


Painting on silk requires specific techniques and approaches to achieve the desired result. Here are some of the fundamental techniques used in this art:

Outline Drawing: This technique is used for the initial creation of the outlines of the design on silk. A contour pencil is often used, followed by a contour outliner, which gives the defined shapes and details to the image.

Color Filling: After the outlines, comes the filling of the image with colors. This can be achieved using special textile paints for silk or other suitable materials. Application techniques vary, including brush painting, blending, mixing, and creating textures.

Decorative Effects: Painting on silk also allows for the application of various decorative effects. This may include adding brocade, metallic paints, or other decorative elements that enhance the expressiveness and visual richness of the image.

Fixing and Protection: After completing the artwork on silk, it is important to fix the paint to ensure a durable and long-lasting final result. This can be done using special fixatives or by steam ironing.

These techniques represent only the foundation for painting on silk. In fact, the art of painting on silk offers countless possibilities for creativity and experimentation, allowing each artist to discover their unique style and approach to this exceptional form of art.

We are ready to welcome you with open arms! Get ready to enjoy the beautiful nature of the Rila Mountain, have fun, and create together!


Enyovden is ingrained in Bulgarian folk culture. It is celebrated on June 24th and is associated with customs and beliefs passed down from generation to generation.

Enyovden, celebrated on June 24th, is a sun-related holiday connected to the summer solstice and the longest day of the year. This day holds great symbolic significance as it is believed that the sun is at its strongest during this period, radiating its energy onto nature.

Various rituals and ceremonies take place on Enyovden with the aim of ensuring fertility, health, and happiness throughout the year. One of the most popular customs is the "fire leaping" where people gather to jump over a bonfire called the "turtle," believing it will protect them from illness and evil forces.

Another custom associated with Enyovden is the gathering of water from the dew on the grass. This water is believed to be particularly beneficial and possess healing properties. People collect it using ritual vessels and use it for healing and beauty purposes.

The gathering of herbs and spices is also part of the Enyovden tradition. People venture into fields and mountains to collect medicinal plants believed to have stronger effects on this day. These herbs are used to prepare various medicines and infusions that are used throughout the year.

Enyovden is also a time for gathering and eating the first fruits from the garden. This custom is tied to gratitude towards nature and its gifts. People prepare different dishes and preserves from fresh fruits. It is a time to enjoy the delicious and bountiful harvest from gardens and the land. Popular choices include cherry compotes, strawberries, raspberries, and other fruits symbolizing abundance and prosperity.

During our Enyovden adventure, we will also enjoy the nature of the Rila Mountain and gather herbs and spices. We will discover the beauty of these places, taking walks amidst the green meadows. With its distinctive natural beauty, the Rila Mountain offers us the opportunity to relax and find inspiration in its charms.

Sunlit conversations about beautiful things await us too. In our program to encounter nature and the art of Enyovden, we will share impressions, joy, and laughter. We will create special memories and friendships that will accompany us even after the end of this adventure.


Gutsal is a small and cozy village nestled at the foot of the Rila Mountain in Bulgaria. It is known for its exceptional nature, beautiful landscapes, and preserved traditions. The village offers a tranquil and authentic atmosphere that attracts tourists and nature enthusiasts.

In the cozy and vibrant Farmland House Gutsal, participants will gather, filled with anticipation and inspiration. The house located in the village of Gutsal and captivates visitors with its cozy ambiance and friendly hospitality.

During our stay, we will be cooking for ourselves. We have taken care of everything.

The guest house also offers a wonderful view of the surrounding nature, and guests can enjoy panoramic vistas of the Rila Mountain and the surroundings. This creates an ideal atmosphere for relaxation and rejuvenation in the embrace of nature.

The house is the perfect venue for our first nature event! We believe that together we will enjoy the unique experience combined with painting on natural silk on Enyovden. The beauty of the village and its surroundings await us for creative adventures!


Expect new practical training sessions for painting on silk - luxurious, eco-friendly, and pure fabric!


The event went great! Everyone hand-painted their own designer accessories for themselves and as gifts for their loved ones. A truly inspiring and relaxing creative experience filled with lots of creativity, smiles and nice new friendships.

Рhotos from the event Painting on natural silk in nature:

Painting on natural silk

Painting on natural silk

Painting on natural silk

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