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Create a website Vidin Community Centers

Posted by System 27/11/2020 0 Comment(s) Web design | Graphic design,

Create a website with an interactive Google map with marketing or locations, an online community with multiple users, a page with current and upcoming events, built-in real-time chat

Hello, it is a pleasure for me to create and maintain your websites. I present to you a site that I still work on.

Creation, Development and Optimization, maintenance of websites and online stores

Website address:

Hosting installation, WordPress software installation and settings, installation and setup of modules, personal design and settings, adding content - text, images and other content.

Some more specific requirements:

Website with

Google's dynamic built-in interactive map with marketing or locations.

The map allows you to display any data: text, images, videos, custom icons with location markers with data about the object.
Making of

online communities from multiple users

, in the case of all community centers in the city of Vidin and Vidin region. Creation of user profiles, personal interface and personalized access to the administration of each account, as well as management and addition of content by different users;

a calendar for current and upcoming events;

Add an option for

chat in real time with users of the site

- People can start a conversation on your website and continue in Messenger. Talk, start on the website, you can continue in the Messenger application of customers, so you will never connect with customers. Even those who do not have a Facebook Messenger account can talk to the administrator / owner of the website in guest mode, so you can reach more customers; I'm about to make the settings :)

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