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Profession kids teacher and the wonderful Galya Tsvetanova

Posted by System 15/08/2021 0 Comment(s) Shared moments,

The profession of Children's Teacher is a vocation. It takes great love  to reach children souls and pure hearts.

One of my favorite client is Galya Tsvetanova. She radiates love and modesty. She is a pedagogical specialist in a kindergarten in Pleven. She gave me a picture of her favorite women's silk blouse and asked me to draw and to sew something similar. Dear Galya, I hope you wear your blouse with joy! Let this softness of silk caress you with its tenderness and ethereality. I wish you to continue to serve the children with all the passion of the world! They, the children, are the purest creatures and people like you have a huge responsibility to help children build their mentality together with their families. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you more: courage, love and the achievement of ever greater personal and professional goals in your mission.

For me, there are two professions that I respect very much: the profession of a teacher and the profession of a doctor.

Here is what Galya told me in a short interview:

What is your profession? What are you working?
I have been working as a children's teacher for more than 27 years.

What is your favorite color / colors?
Turquoise green, blue, apple, certain shades of red, yellow, white.

What is your favorite accessory (whatever)?
I like scarves / I have about 50 /.

What style do you like as clothing?
Elegant sports.

And as patterns - abstract, fun, floral, thematic? Would you describe it briefly?
Colored, splashed, iridescent colors.

What events / places do you like to attend?
I love the sea, the mountains, the theater, the cinema.

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