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Cveti from Florsains

Posted by System 14/05/2020 0 Comment(s)

Tsveti is an elegant and gentle lady. She is both an incredibly delicate person and an extremely responsible and serious person. Tsvetelina Malinova is a licensed real estate appraiser. Owner of Florsines real estate agency, where he offers professional services and works as a professional broker. Tsveti bought one of my favorite small paintings on natural silk - The Kiss. This picture was born quite spontaneously one night, when I first sketched its different variants. And finally, on the silk, this warm kiss carries a message of love and affection. Dear Tsveti, may this little work of mine bring you much, much love, happiness and good wishes come true.

Here's what Tsveti told me in a short interview:

What is your profession? What are you working?
Real estate broker-consultant and licensed real estate appraiser.

What is your favorite color / colors?
Purple and yellow.

What is your favorite accessory (no matter what)?
I like long necklaces and big silver rings as well as big scarves.

What style do you like in clothing?
I like comfortable clothes, the combination of elegant and casual.

And as designs - abstract, funny, floral, themed? Would you describe it briefly?
Patterns abstract and thematic.

What events / places do you like to attend?
I love theater, libraries and cinema.

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