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Vesela - Founder of the Mediterranean Gourmet Catalog

Posted by System 29/05/2020 0 Comment(s) Shared moments,

I met Vesela Sirakova at the first art bazaar, where I had the honor to show my silk creations. A magnificent event in the elegant Hotel InterContinental Sofia on Narodno sabranie Square. I was very excited that day. Really... It was great to be a small art piece of this event, where exquisite Mediterranean products and wine from prestigious family companies have met each other and have preserved the traditions over the years. Vesela imports a special selection of high quality food and wine from Spain, Italy and Greece. Organizes tastings and gourmet exhibitions. Every year she publishes a Mediterranean Gourmet Catalog with interesting and useful information for connoisseurs of the Mediterranean and gourmet culture. 

Thank you for the magnificent wine, dear Vesela. I tried more than one type of her wines. And some wonderful green olives for making tapas "Tapasito" from Torres, Spain, and the Sicilian organic pasta "Riggi" linguine from an ancient variety of wheat Timilia, which my family liked very much, and the almonds ... Only good food.

Inspired by the wonderful wine Perla Marina, I painted a silk scarf for Vesela. I hope my inspiration has warmed your soul Vesela.

Here's what Vesela told me in a short interview:

What is your profession? What are you working?
Founder of Mediterranean Gourmet Catalog - e-shop for classy gourmet products and wine from the Mediterranean countries

What is your favorite color / colors?
The most favorite color is the deep pink color of the Mediterranean flowering shrub - Bougainvillea tree.

What is your favorite accessory (no matter what)?
I love beautiful Fichu Natural Silk Scarfs and one of my favorite autor`s accessories is the Perla Marina silk scarf, which was given to me as a ppresent by the wonderful designer Desislava Shchebetovska. (Thanks for the kind words Vesela).

What style do you like in clothing?

And as designs - abstract, funny, floral, themed? Would you describe it briefly?
Floral motifs always captivate me a lot.

What events / places do you like to attend?
My dream is to be part of exquisite events with many charming and fine people, art and drinks in the Mediterranean style.



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