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Lili Radoeva - Destradi - Poet, Actress, Artist and Muse with a unique hand-painted silk dress

Posted by System 27/08/2020 0 Comment(s) Review,

White room. Wild silence.
In blue glasses purple loneliness.
I will be silent for another hundred years.
Then I will lift the roof with my shoulders.

Her name is Lilia Radoeva - Destradi. Poet, artist, actress. Muse!

I met Lily almost 20 years ago. Our meeting was like an explosion, like lightning. I have loved this woman this fury ever since... My truest friend. I have wonderful moments with her. Lily, thank you dear!

This summer I drew and sewed for Lily a unique little summer dress made of natural silk. Unique because it is hand-painted and because it would be difficult to repeat it exactly the same. The details and colors of the dress are at Lily's request. She asked for a yellow background, butterflies, flowers. Red flowers. Just like her hair, which is the most beautiful curly, thick and naughty hair in the world. A unique dress for a unique woman!

Lili Radoeva - Destradi has several poetry books published in Bulgaria: "Sea for an address", "The key to the corridor" and "Dreams without a visa". Since 2005 he has lived in Trieste, Italy. He is engaged in translation activities and creative projects. She is a member of the Poesia e solidarietà association in Trieste. Books have also been published in Italy. Known in artistic circles, Lily also appears as an artist whose paintings arouse admiration with her palette, colors and abstract forms - a work that tells stories.

I asked Lily to continue a few words in sentences:

Love is the magic of transformation.

I love to love.

I believe that I live in a fairy tale with all its "extras" - monsters, wizards, evil wizards, living water, failures and victories ...

I want to tell everyone: it is up to us to live happily ever after.

The friends in my life are my real treasure.

Thanks for everything - from the sand in the shell to the firefly and the star.

Poetry is the true language of our souls.

Art brings me a happy feeling of freedom.


I present to you Lily, who shines beautiful and elegant, gentle and exquisite, in a silk extravaganza created especially for her with a lot of love from me.

Lily, you are beautiful!

Handpainted Pure Silk Dress

This summer I drew and sewed for Lily a unique little summer dress made of natural silk

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